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/ Bio / 

Anna Lee (b,1994) was born in Hong Kong and is now based in London. She received her Bachelor in Visual Arts from Hong Kong Baptist University (2017) and a Higher Diploma in Fashion Design from Caritas Bianchi College of Careers (2015). Her works are mainly influenced by abstraction and minimalism while encouraging reflective perspectives for audiences on various issues.



/ 2023 / 

To the Underworld - KOPPEL X Gallery  (London)


/ 2023 / 

Funeral Party – Goldsmiths Centre for Contemporary Art  (London)


/ 2022 / 

Diaspora – Exhibition of Hong Kong Nationhood  (London)


/ 2019 / 

Tung Nam Lou Heritage Art Fair  (Hong Kong) 


/ 2017 / 

“TURN ON !” A Moving Image Exhibition a.m. space  (Hong Kong) 

- Artist

HKBU AVA BA Grad Show  (Hong Kong) 

- Artist

/ 2015 / 

Villages on the Shores of the Devil’s Peak Peninsula  (Hong Kong) 

- Artist

CBCC Design Exhibition and Fashion Show  (Hong Kong) 

- Fashion Designer

/ 2013 / 

Hong Kong  Secondary School Photography Exhibition  (Hong Kong) 

- Photographer


/ 2015 /

Caritas Bianchi College of Careers -Academic Excellence award -Fashion design

Instituto Europeo Di Design Scholarship

/ 2014 /  

Youth Square Cycling x Photography Photo Exhibition -Outstanding photo


/ 2013 /

Hong Kong Secondary School Photography Competition -Finalist

Very Hong Kong Photography Competition -Finalist

My Hong Kong Dream Concert Photography award -2nd runner up

/ 2012 /

My New Discovery of Healthy Lifestyle Photography -Champion

People, Trees, Harmony Photography Contest -Merit

SCAD Next generation art competition -Honorable mentions


/ 2021 /

Witness! Issue 3

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